Fashion has always been a way to express oneself, but recently there seems to be a divide in the fashion world. On one side is the traditional clothing of cultures all over the world, and on the other side is Western fashion, which borrows heavily from mainstream media. Some people argue that traditional clothing is being pushed out by Westernized fashion and that this could have negative consequences for cultural preservation.

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So, I was walking around the mall the other day and I saw this really weird sight. There were all these teen girls walking around in traditional garb from all over the world. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love seeing people express their culture through clothing, but it just didn’t seem right to see all these teens wearing saris and hijabs in the middle of the American Midwest. Then it hit me that maybe this is Westernized fashion’s way of killing off traditional clothing styles! Who knows, only time will tell!

So, Let’s Talk about western fashion first.

Why is Western Clothing are Taking over the world?

The western world has had a huge impact on the way people dress around the globe. Thanks to the colonization efforts of European and American powers, many parts of the world have adopted western standards of dress. Today, jeans and t-shirts are worn by people of all cultures, and business attire is often expected in professional settings. The corporate sector has played a particularly important role in westernizing the fashion world, with most offices now expecting employees to wear suits and formal dresses. While some people lament the loss of traditional dress, there’s no denying that the westernized fashion trend is here to stay.

African couple wearing western fashion clothing.
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The Practical reason behind western fashion

Well, those are some good points indeed, and our list of Must-Have Fashion Items is all western. but you need some practical reasons too before people adopt something. Fashion is no exception, I am thinking of some practical reasons why western dresses are taking over the world. It’s as simple as the many other global industries you know. Easy to Make, cheap production cost, comfortable to wear, etc. Let’s Talk in detail.

1. Western Fashion is Easy to Make

When it comes to fashion, the western world has got it figured out. We have mastered the art of mass production, and as a result, we can churn out trendy t-shirts, jeans, hats, and sunglasses by the thousands. And because our fashion is so westernized, it’s easy for us to make these items look good. Just slap on a logo or a trendy design and voila – you’ve got yourself a winner. Of course, I’m not saying that traditional fashion isn’t beautiful. But there’s something to be said for the ease of western fashion. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it always looks good.

Take a t-shirt for example. All you need is a piece of cloth that is the right size and shape. Then, you just have to put some holes in it, and voila! You have a shirt. Now, let’s look at jeans. Jeans are a little more complicated, but not by much. You still just need a piece of cloth, but you also need to add some stitching and buttons. But once you’ve done that, you’ve got yourself a nice pair of jeans. Hats are even easier to make. All you need is a piece of cloth and some string, and you can whip up a hat in no time. Sunglasses are also quite easy to make. All you need is two pieces of glass and a piece of plastic or metal to hold them together. So there you have it! Western fashion items are quite easy to make.

2. They are cheap, mostly made in poor third world countries

It’s a sad truth, but most western fashion items are cheap to produce because they are made in poor third-world countries. The people who make them are living under minimum wages and bad working conditions with no security measures. Some of them are even locked down to prevent stealing during their 12 to 16-hour daily working shifts. Yes, that’s how most western fashion items are made and sold at high prices to you. Don’t be fooled by the high price tags – remember that the real cost is being paid by the workers in poor countries.

western fashion is made by Bangladeshi workers in poor working condition and minimum wages
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I’ve read about the Poor Condition of Garment workers in the Past, Take a look and You’ll understand.

So next time you’re strutting your stuff in your latest designer duds, remember the poor souls who spent their lives making them. It’s a sad truth, but it’s one that you should be aware of. But don’t worry, you can still look good without supporting these companies by doing some research on fair trade and ethical fashion brands that respect human rights. Be fashionable AND responsible!

Western Fashion is comfortable and suitable

In the past, western fashion was seen as being very formal and uncomfortable. However, these days western fashion items are much more comfortable to wear and easy to wash. You can wear them at almost any event, and nobody will look down on you. You can even wear them while jogging or working out! In fact, western fashion is so versatile that you can almost wear it in any case scenario. So next time you’re looking for something to wear, don’t be afraid to try out western fashion! You might be surprised at how comfortable and stylish it can be.

Western fashion items are comfortable to wear, and easy to wash and you can wear them at almost every event. Like if you ended up at a wedding wearing a t-shirt and jeans, nobody will look down on you. western fashion is becoming more and more popular all around the world. Thanks to the internet, people are exposed to different styles of dress and can choose what they want to wear, regardless of where they live. So go ahead and rock those western clothes with confidence!

But The Question was, Are Traditional Fashions going extinct?

My Honest Answer will be “Yes”, They are. Think Like This way. Do You Remember mp3 players? or cd players? Maybe you do, but you don’t use them anymore, do you? It’s not a crime that you are using a modern technology that is cost-effective, could be mass-produced, and cheaper. Fashion is no exception, People will wear what suits them and most traditional dresses are exactly what they sound like, TRADITIONAL. Most of them are not comfortable and designed for specific occasions. Even If They don’t go extinct, they will have very little impact in the future. I have written about my future fashion prediction, you might like it too.